Understanding Citation

University of Missouri Libraries – Citation Styles & Tools: The Basics

This resource site explains the basics of citation styles and requirements for research papers, articles, and books. Also included are many links to citation managers and tools along with online citation generators.

University of Missouri – How to avoid Plagiarism Tutorial

This interactive tutorial provides an introduction for students with modules about:

  • What is Plagiarism?
  • How citating works
  • Sample paragraphs
  • Quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing

Also included at the end is a short post-test for students to test their ability to recognize plagiarism.

Purdue OWL – Plagiarism and ESL Writers

This resource, specifically designed for ESL writers, introduces students to the North American University’s viewpoints about plagiarism. It also provides a list of Frequently Used Terms to help students understand an Instructors’ discussions about plagiarism.

Definition of Plagiarism Handout